We help workplace leaders and teams work in new ways for timeless reasons.

You have a business to run and a future to build. You have no time for buzzwords and fads.

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Remember when "going to work" meant going somewhere? Now, it can be anywhere. People at different locations and times, using different devices, communicating and connecting through multiple channels: It's mobile, it's social, and it's online.

With millions of people now using mobile, social, and web technologies, the use of these technologies is becoming an essential element of business and a priority for workplace leaders and teams.

Choice not a revolution

Despite claims to the contrary there is no technical revolution. Whether the telegraph or social media, technology has always created new opportunities, hard challenges, and tough choices for business.

Some choose to do nothing. A few will choose to adapt and work together in new ways for timeless reasons: use less, achieve more, and continue to thrive. In the end, technology is just a tool. The only thing that matters is what you do with it.

Craft of work

The craft of work is shaping how people structure activities, formalize procedures, and achieve outcomes. Leaving these to chance hoping the odds of success fall in your favor is a gamble. Why gamble with what is supposed to be a craft?

We help workplace leaders and teams to evaluate, learn, and use online business systems, workplace social media, and cloud-based services. We focus on three core areas:

  • Online Customer Support
  • Activity Management
  • Performance Measurement

Make what's important happen better

If you seek quick ideas for your workplace, review are basic recommendations below. If you think your issues merit more, than a quick recommendation, get in touch. We can work with you to identify issues, formulate plans, configure systems, and create new capacities to make things...happen better!

Design How You Work Together

Support Customers

Support customers with social, phone, web, email, and chat.

Social Help Desk systems enable your business to engage and respond to customers through social and traditional channels.

If you struggle with customer support across different channels, try one of the following:

Work Together

Use online business systems to create a workplace activity hub.

Online business systems provide workspaces, social activity streams and group communications.

If you need everyone to work in a more coordinated manner, try one of the following:

Measure Progress

Rethink how you manage performance.

Annual performance reviews may not achieve the results you want. Social performance software can help with group-based goal setting, coaching, and recognition.

If you need a better way to manage workplace performance, try one of the following:

We are a Microsoft Cloud partner and supporter of the Small Business Web. The Small Business Web is a group of companies offering integrated web applications dedicated to helping small businesses and organizations grow.

When people choose to work together, it changes what can be undertaken and what can be achieved.
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